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What Does It Mean If Your Toothache Suddenly Disappears?

April 20, 2021

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confused woman wondering why her toothache suddenly disappeared

One day, your tooth started hurting seemingly out of nowhere. The pain was so excruciating that it kept you from focusing on work, enjoying hobbies, and even sleeping! You were just about to give your dentist a call when suddenly, your toothache just … stopped. You felt so relieved that you didn’t give it a second thought. However, a toothache that fades away often indicates a serious problem. Here’s what you need to know if your toothache suddenly disappears.


4 Reasons to Replace Your Metal Fillings with Tooth-Colored Fillings

February 9, 2021

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woman getting a tooth-colored filling

For most of your life, whenever you had a cavity, your dentist would repair your tooth with an amalgam filling made of various metals, like silver, copper, and tin. That was just how things were. Recently, when your dentist said you had a cavity, they wanted to place something called a tooth-colored filling. Is this newfangled treatment really as good as old-fashioned metal fillings? In this post, you’ll learn four reasons why it’s better to replace your old metal fillings with tooth-colored ones.


Does Dental Insurance Cover Emergency Visits?

January 9, 2021

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Man with toothache

Many Americans out there have dental benefits through their employer or another means. However, many people don’t fully understand how their benefits come into play. You know that you can head to the dentist for regular cleanings and checkups without a problem, but what if you encounter an unexpected emergency? How much will you owe in order to get urgent treatment from your emergency dentist in Suwanee? Read on to learn more.


Best and Worst Holiday Foods for Your Smile

December 10, 2020

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Candy canes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we have been waiting a long time for it to finally come around. Whether you are celebrating with festive music, fun decorations, or your favorite movies, you have tons to look forward to. One of the best things about the holiday season is all the delicious foods that come around. However, not all of them are great for your smile. Read on to head what a dentist in Suwanee has to say about the different treats that you can expect to see in the coming months.


What Does Your Dental Insurance Plan Cover?

October 13, 2020

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Clipboard with dental insurance paperwork

You pay for your dental insurance every month and you know it’s important, but do you know how it works? Many people don’t fully understand what their benefits cover and end up avoiding, delaying, or overpaying for the dental care they need. Thankfully, learning about the basics of dental insurance can help you save money while keeping your smile healthy! Read on to learn more about what you can expect from your dental insurance coverage.


Why Do I Have Sensitive Teeth?

August 12, 2020

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Woman with toothache

Is it difficult for you to enjoy some of your favorite treats because of tooth pain? Do you dread that feeling that a hot cup of coffee or a bowl of ice cream makes you feel? Chances are that you are suffering from tooth sensitivity. As painful and frustrating as it may be, it is extremely common. About one in eight adults claim to have some level of tooth sensitivity related to temperature and certain textures. There are many different causes of this condition and several steps you can take to lessen these toothaches. Continue reading to learn more.


Sick of Your Old Dentures? Here’s How Dental Implants Can Help

July 6, 2020

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full denture retained by dental implants

If you’ve been wearing dentures for a while now, you don’t need us to tell you how inconvenient they can be at times. They can occasionally slip out when you’re chewing or even just trying to talk to someone, resulting in some embarrassing situations. Not to mention, taking them out to clean them all the time can be a bit of a hassle. Is there any way your dentures can be upgraded so they don’t cause all these problems? Absolutely! By combining dentures with dental implants, your dentist can vastly improve the way your dentures feel and function. Keep reading below to learn more.


Dentist Answers 3 Concerns At-Risk Patients Have About Their Next Visit

June 24, 2020

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Dentist in Suwanee works on at-risk patient

Although anyone can contract the novel COVID-19 virus, certain patients are particularly susceptible to experiencing severe symptoms. Therefore, they are considered “at-risk” and are given additional guidelines to follow to ensure their safety. If age or an existing health condition makes you a part of this category, then leaving your home for a visit to the dentist can be anxiety-inducing. To help ease your fears, your dentist in Suwanee is providing answers to three common concerns at-risk patients have.  


Keep Yourself Well: Maintaining Good Dental Habits in Quarantine

April 14, 2020

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People smiling while brushing teeth There are many ways to manage stress, some of which are better for you than others. While everyone is quarantining during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be easy to indulge in stress management habits that only offer short-term satisfaction. Many of these habits, such as smoking, nail biting, and excessive snacking, can have a negative impact on your oral health. Rather than letting these undesirable habits impact your health, your dentist in Suwanee has some alternate suggestions to help you manage stress while keeping your beautiful smile.

Root Canal VS. Extraction: Can I Save My Tooth?

February 16, 2020

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Is a problematic tooth keeping you awake at night? Having it pulled out will stop your pain at its source and eliminate the problem, but is it the best option for your smile? While it will solve the issue short-term, it will create a new list of complications. Instead, your dentist might be able to save your tooth with a root canal. Over 15 million root canals are performed annually to restore healthy, functional smiles. If you’re considering an extraction, here’s what you need to know before having your tooth removed.

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