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Full & Partial Dentures available in our suwanee office

Senior couple smiling togetherIf you’re currently dealing with missing teeth, then you likely don’t need us to tell you about the daily hassles they can create. People with missing teeth tend to feel very self-conscious about their smile, and often simple things like speaking and eating feel very uncomfortable or awkward. If this sounds like you, then your quality of life is probably very affected by your teeth. At Dentistry at Suwanee, we completely empathize with your situation, which is why we’re happy to provide a restorative treatment we know works: dentures. Dentures have been used for generations in one form or another, and today, they are still one of the most effective and affordable solutions for missing teeth. At our practice, Dr. Brian Lee and Dr. Katherine Lee spend all the time that is necessary to ensure that when a patient walks out of our office with dentures, they walk out feeling confident.

If you’re ready to get your complete smile back, please contact us today and ask about all of our various denture options.

What is a Partial Denture?

Model smile with partial denture

A partial denture is designed to replace missing teeth throughout the mouth while fitting in seamlessly with the remaining teeth, much like the missing piece of a puzzle. They are made of prosthetic teeth attached to an acrylic, gum-colored base, and they are typically held in place using small metal clasps.

What is a Full Denture?

Hands holding full denture

A full denture, on the other hand, is what we use to restore an entire arch of missing teeth, and traditionally, it is secured in place on the gums using either natural suction and/or a bit of denture adhesive. In either case, it’s able to drastically increase a person’s ability to speak and eat normally.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Closeup of flawless smile

We can also offer state-of-the-art implant-retained dentures, in which the denture is held in place by snapping onto a number of dental implants located within the jawbone. Compared to a traditional removable prosthetic, implant-retained dentures look more natural, fit better, and have been shown to last longer as well. For a person looking to get the next best thing to their natural teeth, implant-retained dentures are the way to go.

The Process of Getting Your Dentures

Older couple smiling outdoors

When you come to see us to have your teeth replaced, everything will start with a thorough oral exam where we’ll look at your dental health, bite alignment, and several other factors. After going over your treatment options, if you and your dentist decide that dentures are the best treatment for you, the process will consist of them taking an impression of your bite which will be used to create a number of mock-up models of your denture that you’ll try on find the right fit and look.

Once that has been determined, the final model will be sent to a dental lab to cast your denture. When you come to pick it up, your dentist will show you how to put it on, clean it, and then you’ll be ready to enjoy your new smile.

Reclaim Your Smile

Older couple taking a selfie

It may take a couple of weeks for you to adjust to your new denture, so we suggest initially eating softer foods and reading out loud to get used to chewing and speaking with it. After a while, it will start to feel like it has always been there.

If you’re ready to get your complete smile back, dentures from Dentistry at Suwanee can help you do exactly that. To get started, contact us today for an appointment.

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