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Suwanee Dentist Helps Prevent Dental Problems

Woman with healthy smileOver time, dental decay, injury, and just bad luck can leave a person’s smile not looking or feeling its best due to damaged and missing teeth. If this sounds like you, Dentistry at Suwanee is ready and able to provide high-quality dental restorations that can give your smile its original appearance and function back at the same time. Thanks to Dr. Brian Lee, Dr. Katherine Lee and Dr. Joonkyu Hwang’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to only using the strongest and most natural-looking materials, they can make your smile look as good as new in just a few easy appointments. To get started, contact us today.

Dental Crowns & Bridges for Suwanee Families

Model of smile with fixed bridge

A dental crown is a custom-made tooth-shaped restoration that, as the name implies, simply fits over the top of a natural tooth. With it, we can repair chipped, cracked, decayed, and stained teeth in such a way that they look completely untouched.

Also, dental crowns can be used to form a bridge that can replace a missing tooth or a row of consecutive missing teeth. Two dental crowns are placed on either side of the gap in a person’s smile, and these are bonded to prosthetic teeth to help fill in the space.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Two women laughing together

If you come to see us with a slightly damaged tooth or small cavity, rather than using traditional amalgam to repair it, we’ll instead use a composite resin filling. This material is strong, malleable, and can be specially shaded to match the color of your teeth, making it practically invisible. Also, it will form a much stronger bond with the enamel compared to a regular silver filling, enabling us to preserve more of your tooth’s natural structure, which will make it much sturdier over time. In the end, you get a tooth that looks great and is built to last.

Full & Partial Dentures in our Suwanee Office

Senior woman with flawless smile

If you are currently dealing with multiple missing teeth, our practice can provide you with natural-looking, dentures that will restore your ability to speak and eat with complete ease and comfort. Whether you are just missing a few teeth or all of them, our team will be able to design a prosthetic that’s perfectly suited for you. We offer both traditional removable partial and full dentures as well as state-of-the-art implant-retained dentures.

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Root Canals

Man holding cheek in pain

Despite its somewhat dubious reputation, a root canal is actually one of the best tools we have to relieve severe dental pain as well as save a tooth that would normally need to be removed. This procedure is used to treat a tooth that has developed an infection deep within its innermost chamber where the sensitive nerve resides, and thanks to our experienced hands, we’ll make sure a root canal is only the solution to your pain and never the cause.

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Tooth Extractions

Dental x-rays on computer screen

Of course, our number one goal is to help our patients preserve all of their natural teeth for as long as possible, but unfortunately, sometimes it’s best to have one removed. This may be the case if:

In any case, your comfort and safety will be our highest priorities during your extraction.

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